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Booking Terms & Conditions

All Direct Bookings require a non-refundable 10% payment to secure your dates. The balance is then due in full at least 30 days prior to your stay.

Bookings made through OTAs such as AirBnB or Booking,com each have their own refund policy. If in doubt, please contact us to discuss.

The following damage deposits are required from all guests:

£500 for The Villa or whole site hire.

£100 for just The Cottage.

Example Guest Rental Agreement

Logan Lodge, 151 Nelson Road Central, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 2HZ
Book your stay: or email us
Call / text / Whatsapp us: 07393 442148

Thank you for booking your stay at Logan Lodge. Please see below our terms and conditions.

1)    Prior to releasing access codes to the accommodation at Logan Lodge, we require the following refundable damage deposit for The Villa: £500

We reserve the right to deduct any additional costs incurred due to guest damage, or deep cleaning required, which arises as a direct result of guests’ actions. These deductions include, but are not limited to:

1a) Recharging any contractor invoices which arise due to damage to the building or it's internal areas.
1b) £25 fee if a professional level oven clean is required after your stay.
1c) £25 fee if we have to steam clean any of the furniture or walls after your stay.
1d) £25 fee per lost key.
1e) £25 fee for any pet toileting onsite, whether inside or outside.
1f) The right to charge a fair and reasonable amount, if the accommodation requires more than 4 hours to clean after your stay. (Please note that we provide a hoover, mop and bucket and other cleaning items, in the event of guests spilling food etc.), or if an excessive amount of towels and linen is stained or damaged during your stay.
1g) £25 fee for evidence of smoking or vaping inside any of the buildings. (Guests are only permitted to smoke on the private roof terrace or in the inner courtyard. Please do not smoke on the street outside Logan Lodge, as this can create a nuisance for our neighbours.)

2)    We require proof of identity and address for the lead booker, prior to check - in. The lead booker is responsible for all their guests onsite, including any damages caused by said guests. 

3)    Only the number of guests booked and paid for, are permitted onsite without prior approval. Guests found to have breached this rule will be required to forfeit their full deposit and are likely to be asked to vacate the property early.

4)    The access to the secure courtyard has private CCTV for guest security, as well as to confirm that the correct number of guests and correct number of pets are onsite. We reserve the right to release any CCTV footage, if required to do so by law.

5)    The free on-street e-permit parking is subject to availability and must be booked in advance. Guests are responsible for giving us the correct vehicle registration, and for correctly parking in the designated "Zone A" spaces. Logan Lodge can not be held accountable if a guest parks incorrectly and is penalised or receives a parking ticket.

6)    Our Aparthotel has two separate lettable units, with a shared inner courtyard. All guests are expected to be mindful of other guests who may be staying onsite. Especially in relation to noise levels and general behaviour. Our usual quiet hours are between 10pm - 8am.

7) We do not permit any kind of illegal activity onsite. Any guests found to have undertaken illegal activity during their stay onsite will forfeit their full damage deposit and be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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